The meaning of it all

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The meaning of it all

Richard P Feynman

The meaning of it all

(Inspired by Richard Feynman)

Is there a meaning to Life? Are we just squandering time? What is the Purpose of Life? Like Deepak Chopra says ‘Who am I ?’, ‘What do I want?’ , ‘How can Life be more meaningful’, ‘What is it all about?’ There are many other queries in the innards of our souls that deserve answers. We answer our own questions. In the end, that is what it’s all about.

So, What’s Life?

If you observe Life carefully, you will realize that the border between what is living and non-living is a thin one. What we call life is a reverberation of Silence. So what is Silence? It’s AUM the sacred mantra. It’s a sound (I think 436 Hz) which vibrates throughout the Universe. All galaxies as they whiz around the center of the Universe make this sound. And this all emanates from none other than Silence.

Richard Feynman has explained quantum mechanics through Feynman Diagrams –  a way of representing the interaction of sub-atomic particles in space. Then came the String theory which supposedly explains the Universe in 11 string types. Is that all that there is to it? And if not, what more? The questions abound and the answer is only ‘One’ to all the questions. Yes, it is Silence.

So, What’s quantum mechanics?

It’s a way of describing the world through quanta – the smallest unit of life as we know it. By that, we mean that all the particles are alive. Like going from ‘Pan-Psychism’ to ‘Non-duality. If this is interesting wait till you read the whole article. Quantum Mechanics is not the only game in town. Newtonian physics came earlier, but it could just describe the larger aspects of the Universe. The smaller being addressed by Quantum Mechanics and String Theory.

So, Where does it all start, and where does it end?

There has been no starting and there is no end. This Life is nothing but a pause in eternity. There is nothing to look back upon and nothing to look forward to. The greatest gift that we have received (as said by Sadhguru) is that we have a vivid memory and a great imagination. We can do a lot using these faculties. But they are not an end by themselves. Life follows the trajectory of time, while time definitely has a beginning, for consciousness, there is no such thing as time.

So, What am I trying to say here?

Well, just be mindful. Be Yourself. You can discover all the beauty of the Universe just by paying attention. That is all there is to it. Observe, be observed, and the observation. They all merge together to form what we define as Life.

Look around. There is no dearth of it.

Reminded of a song that goes something like:

Lalalaalala, Life is Life

La as you know is a syllable that can be used for any tune of a song.

Apply it and see if you got it


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