Get ready for this

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Get ready for this

1. Programming will be completely outsourced to machines

In the future (5 years), programming will not be done by humans. Instead, machines will rise up to the challenge and make 100% automation possible. Already 40% of the code on GitHub is generated using co-pilot (Microsoft AI tool). In the age of AI, there will be ethicists, translators, economists, and consultants. (to name a few) No programmers. No accountants. No lawyers. And the list goes on. Jobs will not go away. But the nature of them will not be the same as what we do today. For example, programmers will spend more time in testing and integration. Collaboration will rank higher than creation. Causality over correlation.

2. AGI (Artificial General Intelligence) is near

AGI may sound like fiction. But let’s clearly define what it is. AGI is a computer that can do everything that a human being does, except better. The great Ray Kurzweil had predicted 2029 to be the year when AGI would be born. My gut says it will be before that. By 2027. Already ChatGPT has an IQ of 155 (Elon Musk is 155, Einstein is 160) and has cleared the bar exam for lawyers and doctors. Stability AI has recently launched a text to audio recently. Video is the next in line. And maybe the metaverse after that. We will see a whole new breed of content emerge. Except they will be mostly machine-made.

3. The truth will be a blur

Today it is very difficult to differentiate between man-made content and bot-created ones. As the machines evolve, this distinction will blur further. There will be a content deluge and rampant misinformation on all channels/social media. Talks are on, to have markers in content which will indicate that the content is generated by machines. People are also focusing on AI ethics. But it’s early-stage, and no one wants to bell the cat by themselves. We will have to collectively address the challenges.

4. There is an awakening going on

It started in 2012. Many spiritualists started appearing and transmitting their know-how to those who were seeking more meaning. The planet Earth is undergoing a great transformation. We are moving from our 3-D worlds to 5-D. By 2037, this shift will be completed. So what is all this shift about? A transformation to a different level of consciousness. We are in the midst of this great transition. Some even claim that post-2037, rebirth on Earth will wane. Only a select few would be reborn here. The rest will migrate to higher planets. Have you felt or noticed the change? In the past 10 years, did you have deja-vu’s and synchronicities?

“And one day the eyes of your spirit shall open, and you shall know all things” — Essene Gospel of Peace

God Bless!


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