The five questions of life

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The five questions of life

  1. Who am I
  2. What’s my purpose
  3. How can I be happy
  4. What should I do
  5. Where is the end

Who am I

Ask yourself this question from your heart, and you will get just one answer – consciousness. You are not your name, address, driving license number or other artifacts, which you uphold so dearly. You are not your body. Also, you are not your thoughts and emotions. All these things are destructible. They will not survive forever. In short, you are a spiritual soul undergoing a physical experience. So how do you apply it to life? Well, to start with, be in the awareness that there is no place in this universe where God is nought. See yourself in others or see others in yourself. Know that consciousness is experiencing all of this.

What’s my purpose

When God created you, he put in the same divine purpose into all beings. To realize God. That is the only purpose. To achieve this there are 3 ways:

  • Work
  • Contemplation
  • Devotion

Now whichever path you trod, the destination is the same. Another word for God is Love. We are all here to experience Love in all ways. Practically speaking, the distance between you and God is a smile.

How can I be happy

Happiness is simply the presence of Love at all times. If you are happy, you radiate positive energy. To be happy, the following tips are useful :

  • Keep smiling
  • Have complete faith in God
  • Remember God always
  • Live passionately
  • Be focussed

Many other ways can lead to happiness. The day you fathomed or experienced yourself, is the day when you will be most happy.

What should I do

The answer to that is to live a full life. and by full life, I mean a life filled with awareness. The journey is God and so is the destination. Make it worth experiencing. You will come across your trials and tribulations when you walk the path. This is your learning. You may make mistakes, but you have to learn from them. Daily you have to walk, bit by bit, till you start striding. And then, the striding will give to running and finally a marathon. How you fare in the marathon will all depend on what has been your experience till then. Do not let ideologies taint you. Be yourself.

Where is the end

Well, there is none. Life is like a 400-meter pass the baton, sprint. Once you run your 100 meters, you have to pass on the baton to others who will run the next 100, and so on. Death is just a small experience that happens to us. But by no means, do we die. Life is like a big book of many chapters (newborn, toddler, child, teenager, adult, middle age, old age) Finally it’s time to write your epilogue. But unlike the book, the story does not end here. Whatever has been your realization in this lifetime, you carry it with you, till you are born again, to write a better book. This keeps on continuing, till you find that the book itself was God and so were your chapters. And once you realize this in completeness, you have transcended space-time. Now you are left with just your will – which becomes divine will.

You have become one with God.

God Bless!


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