Predictions 2024

Tech, Spirituality and everything in between

Predictions 2024

Tech trends of 2024

1. Generative AI to expand to specialized and localized versions. Open-source tools like Mistral and Llama will become more popular. GPT-5 will launch this year. Every company will have its version of LLM by the end of the year. AGI will not happen in 2024.

2. AR/VR/MR will start to move from digital twins (used mainly in manufacturing) to mainstream. Meta with Ray-Ban will be launching the AR glasses soon. This will take off if they make the price competitive. Apple’s headsets may not become a viable option for two reasons – price and content. 2024 is slightly early for this field but may do well in 2025 and so on.

3. There will be widespread job losses to AI. This trend will cause some unrest. High time to get skilled in/using AI.

4. Robotics to see renewed interest as this is the missing piece. Lots of funding will go to companies that make omni-robots. RPA will see a comeback.

5. Election year in many countries. Social media will be strife with machine-generated content leading to confusion and disarray. Many social media platforms will be under a lot of surveillance (human or machine)

6. Text-to-video will happen this year. By the end of the year, it will be easy to generate quality videos (studio types) and this will create a content upsurge.

7. This year, regulatory frameworks kick in for AI technologies.

Spirituality Trends for 2024

1. As this is the year of the dragon, it’s a mixed bag. The dragon represents authority, prosperity, and good fortune.

2. People trying to find expressions will do so using a mix of spiritual/tech tools.

3. Mental health issues to increase and more people will be drawn towards spirituality.

4. This year will bring to the forefront several pseudo and quasi-gurus who will be able to help people in specific aspects.

5. Science and spirituality to meet and we will have a plausible theory of consciousness.

6. Longevity to become more real by the end of the year. Expect a pill that will increase your life span by 5 years, at least. (if not by 2024 end, by 2025 end definitely)

7. Despite war conditions in many parts of the world, the planets’ overall soul quality will rise.

God Bless!


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