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  • Hurry leads to worry

    Hurry leads to worry Most of us are in hurry. If we have an appointment, we are anxious to reach the destination on time. If we are held in traffic, we start getting uncomfortable, so much so that it irritates us. (sometimes we honk) If the computer takes time to load a web page, we […]

  • Turn Inward

    Turn Inward We are so enamored by what is happening outside – the news, the events, the workplace, and the people. In our life, we attach too much importance to the outside world. And the only reason is our senses. You see, our five senses (Seeing, listening, tasting, smelling, and touching) are directed outwards. We […]

  • Live, Love, Laugh

    Most of us are trying to manage our time, as effectively as possible. Time Management is an art that can be mastered. In trying to harmonize our work, family, personal space, and other tasks, we forget one thing. Taking care of ourselves. So, what are we trying to achieve by managing time? The answer in […]

  • When somebody breaks your heart

    Koi jab tumhara hruday thod de (When somebody breaks your heart) Tadapta huva jab koi chod de (When somebody leaves you to suffer) Tab tum mere paas aana priye (At that time you can come to me) Mera ghar khula hain (My house is open) Khula hi rahega, tumhare liye (Will always remain open for […]

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