How to bring in a change in your Self

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How to bring in a change in your Self

How to bring in a change in your Self

Change is the only constant, somebody said. Everything around us changes, including ourselves. We lose thousands of cells daily. Our stomach lining changes every 2 weeks. And many other bodily changes. We are not even slightly aware of these phenomenal changes that take place. Most of the time, our subconscious manages all these processes like a symphony. The conscious part of us only notices the outer body. Forget the body, our brains change (daily many neurons die and many take births). Besides our mind, the energy body (the aura) around us also changes. One thing that doesn’t change among all seasons is our Soul – the inner us. Our gateway to the divine. In fact, it’s not the gateway. It’s the divine itself.

Changing can be hard. Because we are primarily driven by our habits. Say you like to stay late nights. It will be very difficult for you to become a morning person. Say you like to drink tea or coffee first thing in the morning. Is it very hard to change that? And all these small-small things make us who we are.  Our identity (ego or ‘Ahamkara’). That is good. In fact, having a scheduled life is a great way to go. But we must be flexible. If we don’t get that morning kick of Caffeine, we should not make a fuss out of it. Actually, deep down at the soul level, there is no change. Time is what gives us the illusion of change. And as you know time passes in this small life of ours. Very soon, a teenager becomes an old person.

Poof! That is all there is to life. Death can happen anytime. Throw out the old and ring in the new. You see, death is a great equalizer. It sheds the old and makes way for the new. Know that this ‘death’ thing is a reality, and the more we are in acceptance of it, the more we live fully. If you were to know that death will happen to you today, what would you do? Make a list. Live every day as if it was your last. Do the best you can. Give everything – your time, your attitude, your zest, and just about everything to the day. Soon you will realize that you get a good night’s sleep having accomplished something during the day. Analyze before you go to sleep. Sleep like a baby (7-9 hours on average) and get ready to face the morrow.

All said and done, life is about weeding out our negatives and focussing on our strengths. Do the following:

  • Wake up and get ready for a new day
  • Have enough sleep
  • Exercise regularly (at least 7 minutes)
  • Do some Yoga or meditation (at least 7 minutes)
  • Make a To-Do list for tasks for today
  • Just follow it one by one

And now, don’t do the following

  • Get angry
  • Listen to a lot of negative media news
  • Scattered thoughts distracting you
  • Not doing a good deed every day (help somebody)
  • And don’t forget to Smile
  • Take care of yourself and your loved ones

Changing is not difficult if you set that as your goal. Take it piecemeal. One change in a week. Always remember, an unknown powerful force is guiding all of us.

Be of firm faith …

God Bless!


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